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Local Moves in Aventura

Don’t Have to Be Complicated
The logistics of moving from one spot to another can feel complicated, that is unless you have professionals who can take over. makeyspb.ru offers full service local moving at a price that fits right in with your budget. Your job is to find a home that you are happy with, ours is filling it with all of your treasured belongings. Whether moving around the block or to the other side of town, our moving pros handle the difficult part, leaving you with nothing to do but sit there and smile.

Moving In/From Aventura?

Planning a Local Move Can Be as Easy As

Pointing Our Movers in the Right Direction


The tranquil Aventura is a delightful city to move a family into, and once moved in you’ll never want to leave. Our local moving service in Aventura provides an uncomplicated way to get your stuff from home A to home B, without the high cost you might expect. Why do heavy lifting yourself when a team of pros can get it all done in half the time, and for about the same price. Living in Aventura may translate into a lovely adventure, but that doesn’t mean the process of moving there has to be one. Hire the right movers to assure a hassle-free move.


We make moving our business, so that you can you can keep up with yours. Our commercial relocation plans in Aventura offer you an inexpensive solution to your space problem. It makes no difference whether you are just moving a bunch of office supplies into a new suite with a better view, or have a whole inventory that needs a need home. With makeyspb.ru taking care of the moving your company, you will have the time and energy needed to keep on running it.


Take comfort in knowing that makeyspb.ru takes pride in being able to move any possession you might have, no matter how big or awkward it is. Pool tables, wine collections and even plasma TVs all arrive safe and sound with our careful planning and tactics. Talk to one of our knowledgeable reps today and get an estimate of what it will take to make sure that your grandma’s baby grand will still hold a tune in your new home.

Local Moving in Miami

makeyspb.ru is Not Your First Choice

We are Your Only Choice
You won’t find the same high caliber service and fair pricing in Southern Texas that you are getting with makeyspb.ru. We are transparent in our price plans, giving you the information you need to choose the right moving company. What we promise is what you get, an incredible moving service that won’t break your budget. Call us for an appointment now and get started on making your move with a relocation company that you can depend on.

Expect Moving Services

That Far Exceed Your Expectations
For makeyspb.ru, full service is not a pick-up and delivery term. Full service for a moving company should include wrapping up your old house belongings into boxes, followed by unpacking them inside of your new home. You expect a moving company to get your stuff there, we exceed that expectation by taking charge of every little detail of your move. All this, and at a price you can afford, that’s how we meet and beat what you are expecting.

Moving with Benefits

Local moving packages with makeyspb.ru come with benefits. Like 10 free boxes to get you started, and a month of free storage if you need some time to settle in. We work hard at making your move a smooth one, providing you with expert advice and tips on how to go from one Aventura house to the next. Need help getting it together for your move? Call makeyspb.ru to find out what moving with benefits is all about.

Service with a Smile

Friendly and professional movers make up our time. From the very first phone call to the moment we wave goodbye, your moving needs are taken care of with respect and a smile. Most of our Aventura clients are friends and family of former ones, people we impressed so much that they told a friend. It takes more than low prices and reliable moving service to get those kinds of referrals, it takes a team who truly cares about making your move a smooth one.

Our South Texas Service Areas Include

Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Full Service Moving

With Money Left Over for Blinds
Where’s the fun in moving if you have no money left to decorate? We provide full service local moves in or from Aventura at prices that cannot be matched. With makeyspb.ru, you are getting much more than you paid for. This will leave you with plenty of cash when moved in for those important things, like new blinds for the windows.
Expert Service Personal Touch

Expert Service Personal Touch